I took that “look-at-my-bird-shirt-paired-with-my-snazzy-blazer-and-hipster-rucksack” photo on my last first day of my undergraduate career (awkward kiss-y face/peace sign combo was a must). After five years and four unversities,  I am ready to grab my Spanish MA degree and run from the University of Edinburgh’s McEwan Hall before they could possibly reconsider.

While studying and reading for my final year’s dissertation, I’ve decided to contribute to the blogging world with my own. I feel like there is not a strong voice of twenty-somethings in the media nowadays, so this is how I’d like to “represent”. Comment wherever you feel it’s necessary!



2 thoughts on “About pNiqolh

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Appreciate your refreshing 20something point of view on daily live(there’s enough talk about the model figure and designer clothes…thank god!).
    Keep on exploring!

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