Justin Bieber. Born the same year as my younger siblings (1993), I saw him as I saw them: young, childish, immature, a bit whiny. There was no sex appeal as he crooned  “Baby”. There was, however, a certain charisma. The charisma you find with the kid that takes too much candy from the Halloween bowl, but you let it slide because of his cute grin and adorable chuckle. Justin was that kid.

No question of his talent. He was born a star. (I know. I’ve watched his film “Never Say Never”. This automatically makes me more Bieber-wise.) Not exactly sure I should be admitting my wisdom on all things Bieber, but, oh well. He began singing for tweens with a voice that could have easily been mistaken for a girl’s. There’s even a website dedicated to lesbian look-a-likes of Bieber. This was more popular when he had the longer hair that accompanied a suave hair-flip in order to see (and look cool). Basically, I paid him no attention when he first stepped out on this pop music scene. He was for the young, screaming, ridiculous, pre-pubescent girls. I was far too mature and sophisticated to appreciate awful pop music.

Now, things are different. Bieber and I have been in a relationship for the past month or so. Ever since I watched his “Beauty and A Beat” video featuring Nicki Minaj, I was hooked. His voice has dropped. He cuts his bangs. He is swaggy. I love it.

I began to tell my friends of this newfound musical endeavor. Their responses? “Where have you been, Nicole?  That album came out in the summer.” None of my friends had been willing to share their secret Bieber album ownership until I ‘fessed up. But Justin now has an older, yet undercover group of Beliebers, Many my age still aren’t too willing to admit his beats make them dance around privately whilst lip-syncing. But I will…and I highly recommend it.

(“She don’t like the lights” is my favorite on the Believe album. Possibly because I thought he was saying “She don’t like her life” for a while. So there’s that….)


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