If you are an avid outdoor runner, you know that any type of distraction may keep you from hitting your fitness goals. However, protecting your eyes from UV rays and the glare of the sun are important factors when running outdoors. Keep in mind that sunglasses also protect a runner’s eyes from wind and stray particles that may fly into the ocular view. “Fashion-friendly” sunglasses may not provide the best fit to your face while running, adhering to style before comfort. The only bounce you should feel is in your step, not on your face. But, the fleet-footed need not worry—there are a variety of stylish sunglass choices for active conscious buyers.

Mass Vision offers an array of polarized sunglasses, whose lenses reduce glare reflected at various angles. It’s easier to see into water with polarized sunglasses, so if you plan on going to the beach after your run, these can be a versatile choice. There are 50 different styles to choose from, and UV400 protection is included in the shatterproof lenses. (Shatterproof lenses always are important in case of a fall.)
   If polarized vision isn’t your favorite way to see the pavement, trail or sand, think about what tint of sunglasses you prefer. There are ranges of colors, all which serve a different purpose. Darker tints obviously are better for brighter conditions, gold tints are good for seeing bumps in tougher terrain (they reduce blue light) and mirrored lenses are good at reducing glare.
        For runners looking for a color switch, try buying the Element 8 sunglasses. Mass Vision offers a color assortment with every dozen purchased, so it could be a great gift idea if you are in a runner’s group. Element 8 also offers a line of active kids sunglasses, so if you plan on raising the next Olympic track and field star, these are a great choice.
       If you are a hard-core runner that will run in any condition such as rain and extreme heat, remember that your sunglasses serve as your windshield. Not only do they block wind, but they shouldn’t fog up. When trying on pairs, make sure your sunglasses sit far away enough from your face to provide proper airflow. Some sunglass manufacturers even sell anti-fog coatings.
           Lastly, don’t forget the fit. Consider frame weight, nose piece and earpiece comfort when selecting your next pair of active wear. Sunglass comfort is particularly important as to not distract you from your task at hand—the miles ahead.

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