As a Memphian, I like to support anything of quality that comes out of my home city. What ten year old Moziah Bridges has started is just the thing Memphis needs: a refreshing, innovative men’s fashion business. Moziah, or simply Mo, is the multi-talented solo act behind his bow tie business called Mo’s Bows. He sews all his own bows and sales them out of a suitcase. Mo’s tailored image is that of the original door-to-door salesman and his sales pitch is just as on point. In his recent interview at the Steve Harvey Show, Mo gave a brilliant sales pitch that could convince any unwavering tie-wearer to convert to one of his quality bow ties. After reading his blog and watching his interview, I was convinced. All my Christmas gifts will come in the form of a Mo’s bow tie.

Mo’s most recent endeavor is the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. If he gets enough votes, Mo’s Bows could win a grant to help build his business. So, get behind a uniquely innovative 5th grader and VOTE!

Mo’s Bows’ Facebook: Click ‘Like’ Here

Mo’s Bows Twitter: @MosBowsMemphis

Buy a Mo’s Bow Here

Mo’s ultimate dream: get Justin Bieber sporting a Mo’s Bow. Justin rose because of social media, and I think Mo can too! Keep at it, Mo!


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