The Norwegian OnePiece brand is a concept thought up by a few university students. They had the brilliant idea to sew a hoodie and sweatpants together in the name of comfort. The idea was inspired by the unfortunate experience of the hangover. The clingy waistband was simply too constricting when trying to recuperate. OnePiece is a young company that’s been in operation for three years now and has really taken off. The adult onesie is more than a piece to wear around the house. Unexpectedly, their consumers wear these unique OnePieces publicly, dressing them up with heels, etc for a night out.

I bought a reversible, lightweight OnePiece two years ago while living in Edinburgh. Considering the company had just recently launched, the vast options of size and colours didn’t exist. It was a one size for all policy. Needless to say, I was too short for all the material. This resulted in a saggy bottom, but I was so comfortable and warm! My absolute favourite feature of the OnePiece is the double zipper. It can be zipped from the top…and the bottom! Whilst this isn’t necessarily as useful for women as it is for men, it’s quite entertaining. My second favourite feature is that the zipper doesn’t stop at the neck area, no. This is a OnePiece- a unified material that encloses you like a potato in aluminum foil. The zipper continues past your head. This is great for whenever you want to shut down a boring conversation– just zip up the zipper. No more explanation needed.

I loved my OnePiece, so I gave it away. My taller male friend now owns it because it fit him and he was just as thrilled about being in it as I once was. But now that I am back in Edinburgh where the winds are high and chilly, I find myself wanting to bundle up in a OnePiece again. Now that the company has developed, they have varying sizes. So, no more excess material in awkward places for their shorter customers! OnePiece jumpsuit prices range from £98-£159. Also make sure you check out their other quality winter gear i.e. beanies, hoodies, pants, and even leggings!


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