I follow @StarbucksJobs on Twitter because I once thought about a possible Starbucks internship at their headquarters in Seattle. This is mainly because I just want to move to Seattle, so obviously not a good reason. However, I still enjoy updates on Starbucks’ current job vacancies in their various locations around North America. And I hope to end up as a barista at some point after university life.

But according to recent @StarbucksJobs Twitter updates, Starbucks is expanding to a world outside of coffee and espresso. The Starbucks coffee chain started in Seattle and that’s  where they plan to open their first tea-only store. Tazo Tea, sold and made in Starbucks, will now have its own shop accompanied by pastries, baked goods and packaged chocolates.

It’s only a matter of time before Tazo takes off nationally. Just like anything else Starbucks, from the chain, the packaged drinks in supermarkets to Starbucks-flavoured ice creams, Tazo is bound to be a success. Adding pastries to the shop already gives Tazo an advantage over already existing tea shops like Teavana. I can only hope that Tazo will shift the American coffee-loving craze to that of tea, replacing coffeemakers with kettles.


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