Sigur rós, an Icelandic post-rock band, released their new 55-minute album titled Valtari this year. Georg, one of Sigur rós’ band members had the following to say about the 8 track album:

“i really can’t remember why we started this record, i no longer know what we were trying to do back then. i do know session after session went pear-shaped, we lost focus and almost gave up…did give up for a while. but then something happened and form started to emerge, and now i can honestly say that it’s the only sigur rós record i have listened to for pleasure in my own house after we’ve finished it.”

Well, if Georg is even willing to listen to it for fun, then I guess I should also. Usually, I study to their music or instrumental Imogen Heap, but I’ve yet to add Valtari to my playlist. Instead, I’ve been watching the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. What’s that you ask? I’ll tell you.

So, Sigur rós decided to try an…experiment. They gave different film makers the same amount of money and one of their songs and said, “Make us a short film. Be back by this deadline. Now, GO!” And they were off.

With this creative freedom comes varying interpretations of their music. So far there are ten videos, there will be sixteen total. Sigur rós has decided to make the eleventh entry a competition open to anyone: fans, directors, your mom, etc. The deadline for video submissions is October 8th and the cash prize is $5000.

Now I’ll just need to buy some AA batteries for my camera…

This is the latest submission. How does this one make you feel?


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