She becomes her audience. My questions: Why didn’t she speak of her bisexuality before her Don’t Ask Don’t Tell speech or her “Born This Way” song release? Why didn’t she mention her bulimia before she gained weight and rumors of pregnancy floated about?

Fine. Those are sensitive topics to discuss. People don’t normally go about saying, “Hello, My name is Frank. I am a heterosexual with occasion homosexual thoughts. I was also diagnosed with depression a few years back,” especially at their work place. But normally people’s names aren’t Lady Gaga and normally their workplace isn’t a stage. And her timing is too good.

Before adding twenty-five pounds, Gaga’s dieting had been discussed by none other than herself. She tweeted something about dieting, saying she’s dreaming of a hamburger while eating a salad. This caused an uproar. Gaga’s message is to love yourself as you are. This tweet could have easily been copy-and-pasted to a pro-anorexia website and did not seem to abide by Gaga’s principles.

In interviews beginning at the start of her career, Gaga has been open to discussing other difficult topics (her cocaine use, bullying, etc), so why has her bulimia never surfaced? She’s one of those celebrities who thinks sharing her troubles will help others overcome theirs. Why is she just now wanting to help those suffering with eating disorders? Because she was bullied about her weight. If the media never said anything, neither would she.

At the beginning of her career, they called her crazy. She talked about her drug-induced creativity. Then, they talked about DADT. She disclosed her bisexuality. They talked about bullying in schools. She was a victim of bullying. They talked about her recent weight gain. She was bulimic.

But, good for her. Lady Gaga knows how to do business and do business well. She’s turned this negative criticism into a love-your-body campaign. This new Body Evolution of taking photos of your body proudly and submitting them for the Internet world to see also supports Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Her message is genuine, but I’m suspicious of her timing.


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