Alexa Meade is a 25 year-old American artist who paints people. She doesn’t paint portraits of people on canvas, no. She paints directly on people. Alexa is known for making 3D objects (such as people) become 2D illusions. She says, “I paint reality on top of itself,”

A few years ago I was the subject of a 2D illusion, but in the form of photography. A local art student was working on his final year’s project and needed models. His concept was to recreate famous paintings as photographed portraits. Here is a Klimt portrait recreated:

Okay. Enough about me. Back to Ms. Meade. She’s amazing! And I would love to model for her. Here’s a quote from NPR’s article on her:

“At the end of the day, Meade’s models peel a thick layer of acrylic from their bodies and performance of the piece is over. What remains is portraiture in triplicate: A photo of a painting of a person, and the real person hidden somewhere underneath.”

Now here are some of my favorites of her work. When looking at them I have to constantly remind myself…that is a real person!

Her website says she does commissioned portraits…I may just send her an e-mail!

Watch/Hear Alexa Meade talk about her work here:


3 thoughts on “Alexa Meade: “Wait. That’s a real person?”

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