Toward the end of Season 7, after two episodes covering a single therapy session with the original Kardashian siblings and Kris, the reality series shifted, focusing primarily on women and their reproductive organs. Quick recap: Kris Jenner gets an updated breast augmentation. Kim and Khloe visit a fertility specialist, and Kourtney grabs her own child out from her womb with cameras rolling.

In many aspects, I disapprove of the Kardashian brand, but in regards to their candidness (kandidness?) involving sex, their reality series can pick up where U.S. public educational systems are failing. Where sex education programs lack or promote abstinence, there tends to be an increase in teen pregnancies, e.g. Mississippi. But can we continue to blame the schools when most teens have access to T.V. programs and/or Internet? It’s not that teens aren’t aware, it’s the lack of accessible, cheap (now free!) birth control.

Anyway, the Kardashians give a perfect example of what healthy sex conversations between parent and child should be. Promoting abstinence in the household will only deepen that communicative divide. Kris has maintained an open and safe environment for her children to have honest conversations with her about sex. In an interview recently, Kim stated she was 15 when she asked Kris to take her to get on birth control. That is simply responsible parenting.

Now on to the last few shows: Kris had her first breast augmentation in the ’80s. She not only re-did the surgery for cosmetic reasons, but for her health. I know several women who have breast implants, and have had them for years. Like any round, juicy fruit, that silicon from twenty years ago has an expiration date. Be safe. Get them checked.

Now for Kim and Khloe. Their visit to the fertility clinic is what makes this show relatable. Like it’s been said several times before, at least Khloe knows her problem (doesn’t ovulate) and can commence the proper treatment. But my question is: why was Kourtney’s birthing experience a bigger uproar than Khloe’s infertility announcement? Both are very private, personal experiences that most would not want on camera; however, shock-value was not the intention of sharing both occurrences.  Through Khloe’s confession, her audience learned. They learned  your gynaecologist is not necessarily who to turn to for fertility advice, and to know your body.

As for Kourtney pulling out her child, I say, “You go, sister!” I find that to be magical in the sense that it completes what it means to be a woman. She wanted the world to see her superpowers and I think that’s brilliant. (This woman showed off her superhuman strength at a live art installation at an art gallery.) The Kardashian girls have decided to share the good, bad and ugly of womanhood for their audience. Even if it is for a profit, I admire them for documenting their struggles and joys of being a woman on primetime T.V.  Now if we could just get more male politicians watching, maybe they’d have a better understanding of the female reproductive system. Well, that’s if Rachel Maddow couldn’t help them already.


One thought on “Kardashians as Sex Ed Educators?

  1. I am afraid the only lesson the Kardashians can teach us is that we can’t learn anything useful from them, which is the reason why they have their own show. It is merely a distraction to prevent us from focusing on what we really need to be learning. Best wishes.

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